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Product Description:

    Without removing shock dampers or interior parts, it’s quite hard for users to access the adjustment knobs after the shocks are installed on the car. To minimum inconvenience in the event of damping adjustment, we have developed the REMOTE ADJUSTER CABLES for some certain models listed below. They can be simply mounted on the tops of the rear dampers, and the damping setting can be easily adjusted without shock dampers or interior parts removal.
The following suspension kits will come with 1 pair (2pcs) of REMOTE ADJUSTER CABLES.
Model Body Style Year Note Part No.
3-series E90 05-up sedan◎ YS01-BM-DPS009
3-series E91 05-up station wagon◎ YS01-BM-DPS010
3-series E92 06-up coupe◎ YS01-BM-DPS011
3-series E93 07-up convertible◎ YS01-BM-DPS012
5-series E39 97-03 except self leveling suspension and wagon model ;◎ YS01-BM-DPS013
5-series E39 97-03 535i/540i, except self leveling suspension ;◎ YS01-BM-DPS014
M3 E90 07-up YS01-BM-DPS020
M3 E92 07-up YS01-BM-DPS021
M3 E93 07-up YS01-BM-DPS022
M5 E39 98-03 YS01-BM-DPS023
MAZDA3 BK 04-09 2wd, incl. MPS;◎ YS01-MZ-DPS006
MAZDA3 BL 09-13 2wd, incl. MPS;◎ YS01-MZ-DPS006-10
MX-5 NC 05-14 YS01-MZ-DPS014-10
RX-8 SE3P 03-08 YS01-MZ-DPS020
E-CLASS W211 02-09 4cyl/5cyl/6cyl, 2wd,except pneumatic suspension and estate model;◎ YS01-MB-DPS017
E-CLASS W211 02-09 8cyl, 2wd,except pneumatic suspension and estate model;◎ YS01-MB-DPS018
E-CLASS W211 02-09 AMG,except pneumatic suspension and estate model;◎ YS01-MB-DPS018-10
LANCER   08-up YS01-MT-DPS020
LANCER Fortis/ iO CY4A 07-up YS01-MT-DPS016-10
CAYMAN (987)   06-12 incl. CAYMAN S without PASM; ◎ YS01-PO-DPS007
CAYMAN (981)   12-up incl. GTS and GT4; ◎ YS01-PO-DPS010
CAYMAN   13-up incl. CAYMAN S without PASM; ◎ YS01-PO-DPS009