What is Coilover? What do Coilovers do?

A coilover is a critical component in a racing suspension system, effectively combining a coil spring with a shock absorber. This integrated unit is designed to manage the up-and-down movement of your car's wheels in response to road conditions. Coilovers are essential for achieving a smooth ride by absorbing shocks from bumps and potholes, while also keeping your tires firmly in contact with the road for optimal traction and control.

Coilovers offer the combined benefits of a coil spring and shock absorber in one compact unit. They provide the necessary support and dampening to navigate a wide range of driving conditions with comfort and control. Whether you're upgrading for performance, comfort, or style, YELLOW SPEED coilovers are a versatile and effective choice for enhancing your vehicle's suspension. In YELLOW SPEED, we provide racing coilovers for standard strut design, inverted strut design, and air suspension. Send us an email and get more details about our racing coilover!

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How A Coilover Works?

Coilovers perform a dual function. Firstly, the coil springs support the weight of the vehicle, allowing for compression and extension as the car navigates various terrains. Secondly, the shock absorbers within the coilovers dampen the spring's motion, providing a buffer against the jarring movements that can occur when driving over uneven surfaces. This dampening effect is achieved through the controlled movement of fluid within the shock absorber's body, with the rate of fluid movement being regulated by shims that control the valving.