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Model Body Style Year Note Part No. Upper Mount More Info.
Front Rear
INTEGRA DA6   90-93 Rr EYE type YS01-AC-DPS001 A/U A/U
INTEGRA DA6   90-93 Rr FORK type YS01-AC-DPS002 A/U A/U
INTEGRA DC2   97-01 Rr EYE type YS01-AC-DPS003 A/U A/U
INTEGRA DC2   94-01 Rr FORK type YS01-AC-DPS004 A/U A/U
INTEGRA RSX (DC5)   02-04 YS01-AC-DPS007 P/U* A/U
INTEGRA RSX (DC5)   05-06 YS01-AC-DPS008 P/U* A/U
LEGEND  KA7 91-95 YS01-AC-DPS009 A/U A/U
NSX   90-05 YS01-AC-DPS005 A/U A/U
TL   04-08 excluding Type S YS01-AC-DPS010 A/U A/U
TSX   04-08 YS01-AC-DPS011 A/U A/U
TSX   09-12 4cyl YS01-AC-DPS012 A/U A/U
TSX   09-12 6cyl YS01-AC-DPS013 A/U A/U
● A/U: Aluminum Upper Mount w/out pillow ball ● P/U: Pillow Ball Aluminum Upper Mount ( * with camber plate)
● OEM: Stock Upper Mount ● S/U: Pillow Ball Steel Upper Mount ( * with camber plate)
● S/U(#): Steel Upper Mount w/out pillow ball ● R/U: Rubber Upper Mount
● The chassis, construction years, and specifications may not be identical for the same model in different countries. If you are not sure what model to order, please check with us before purchasing. Yellowspeed will not take any responsibility for the wrong kit customers purchase.
● All applications listed here are only available for 2wd model unless specified otherwise in the listing.
● With a Dynamic Pro Sport kit, the vehicle ride height can be lowered about 60mm – 100mm from factory (varies per application).

●◎ means this kit is supplied with a pair of remote adjuster cable.