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(1-way, inverted for most models)
Dynamic Pro Drift Coilover Application

It is our great honor to have invited Japan NICHIEI RACING TEAM - Mr. YOICHI IMAMURA and Mr. FENG REN ZHI to participate in development project for YELLOW SPEED’s Dynamic Pro Drift coilovers. Dynamic Pro Drift. (Imamura won the champion of Japan D1 for 2003, 2009, 2010 and 2011; Feng is top D1 professional driver in Taiwan.) From problem finding, problem solving, design improvement, constant testing, Dynamic Pro Drift suspension system has been developed to live up to customers’ expectations.
※ The linear rate spring can be selected with tailored setup of the coilover system to meet your needs without any other additional charge, please talk to us about your requirements before placing an order.
For the suspension system with front or rear MacPherson strut model, the monotube inverted design is utilized to reduce the effect upon the damping oil and shock piston resulting from high temperature from the brake system and to take side loading better without major deflection. The damper rod is made up-side down to save unsprung weight for better suspension response. The inverted strut is built stronger than a regular shock due to different shock body construction with an outer sleeve. For the suspension system with rear A-Arm strut model, the rear damper rod has been thickened toψ20mm, which enables to support a bit more side G Force, and makes a vehicle more stable. In addition, the thickened damper rod can prevent from being bent or deformed.
This suspension system features 33-way dampening force adjustment (compression/ rebound). A wide range of dampening adjustments can be made to provide a variety of responses to different road conditions and to tune ride feel. * The damper adjustment is on the bottom of the inverted shock.
The pillow ball is equipped on the front and rear upper mounts to offer direct and complete handling response. For some models, the adjustable camber plate is provided (where applicable, please refer to our application sheet) allowing for the camber to be adjusted to prevent from excessive tire wear.
All springs are produced from high quality SAE9254 steel for optimal durability and high tensile strength. The spring rate and shape remains unchanged and undeformed, even the spring has been subjected to long term wear. For the suspension system with rear A-Arm strut model, the rear coilovers come with 0kg helper spring; this would make the area of contact of the tire with the ground limited when the wheel begins to slide. Also, two sides of the tires will have more balanced grip.
The spring seats are made from forged aluminum for durability and rigidity.
A steel lower bracket is utilized for MacPherson strut type to increase rigidity for safety (where applicable). For most MacPherson strut models, the brake line bracket is welded manually perfectly to the steel lower mount. A high quality forged alloy aluminum lower bracket is used for Double-A Arm strut type (where applicable). The steel/aluminum lower bracket is processed with electroplated/ anodized surface treatment to prevent corrosion or rust in the harsh conditions of motorsport. For the suspension system with front MacPherson strut model, the bolting hole on the front lower bracket is individually designed for the application. When a driver forces a car to slide sideways through a turn during large side-slip, or a vehicle is stopped with hard braking, the bolt will not be displaced from the edge of the mounting hole. In addition, front lower bracket has a cross steel plate welded to it for increased rigidity and strength, and this design can prevent the lower bracket from being deformed. The vehicle ride height can be adjusted easily with the lower bracket by winding up and down to drop and raise. With the lower bracket, it allows maximum suspension travel without affecting the shock stroke.
55mm steel shock body is coated with zinc plating for corrosion resistant in the harsh conditions of motor sport.
For FRONT MacPherson strut models, wave alloy steel thrust washer is installed between a lower locking collar and a bottom mount. The wave thrust washer can provide a controlled amount of friction between the lower locking collar and the bottom mount to effectively prevent the lower bracket from spinning around or becoming loose.