Model Body Style Year Note Part No.
286mm x 26mm disc 304mm x 26mm disc 330mm x 32mm disc 345mm x 32mm disc 356mm x 32mm disc 380mm x 32mm disc 380mm x 34mm disc 405mm x 36mm disc
180SX   89-94 P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-097 YS02-NS-02A-097 YS02-NS-03B-098 YS02-NS-03E-098 YS02-NS-06B-098 YS02-NS-04B-098 YS02-NS-04C-098 YS02-NS-05C-098 YS02-NS-07F-098 YS02-NS-08F-098
180SX   89-94 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-098 YS02-NS-02A-098 YS02-NS-03B-099 YS02-NS-03E-099 YS02-NS-06B-099 YS02-NS-04B-099 YS02-NS-04C-099 YS02-NS-05C-099 YS02-NS-07F-099 YS02-NS-08F-099
240SX   89-97 P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-057 YS02-NS-02A-057 YS02-NS-03B-057 YS02-NS-03E-057 YS02-NS-06B-057 YS02-NS-04B-057 YS02-NS-04C-057 YS02-NS-05C-057 YS02-NS-07F-057 YS02-NS-08F-057
300ZX  Z31 84-89 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-058 YS02-NS-02A-058 YS02-NS-03B-058 YS02-NS-03E-058 YS02-NS-06B-058 YS02-NS-04B-058 YS02-NS-04C-058 YS02-NS-05C-058 YS02-NS-07F-058 YS02-NS-08F-058
300ZX  Z32 90-96 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-001 YS02-NS-02A-001 YS02-NS-03B-001 YS02-NS-03E-001 YS02-NS-06B-001 YS02-NS-04B-001 YS02-NS-04C-001 YS02-NS-05C-001 YS02-NS-07F-001 YS02-NS-08F-001
350Z  Z33 03-08 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-002 YS02-NS-02A-002 YS02-NS-03B-002 YS02-NS-03E-002 YS02-NS-06B-002 YS02-NS-04B-002 YS02-NS-04C-002 YS02-NS-05C-002 YS02-NS-07F-002 YS02-NS-08F-002
370Z  Z34 09-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-003 YS02-NS-02A-003 YS02-NS-03B-003 YS02-NS-03E-003 YS02-NS-06B-003 YS02-NS-04B-003 YS02-NS-04C-003 YS02-NS-05C-003 YS02-NS-07F-003 YS02-NS-08F-003
ALMERA  N15 95-00 P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-034 YS02-NS-01A-034 YS02-NS-02D-059 YS02-NS-02A-059 YS02-NS-03B-059 YS02-NS-03E-059 YS02-NS-06B-059 YS02-NS-04B-059 YS02-NS-04C-059 YS02-NS-05C-059 YS02-NS-07F-059 YS02-NS-08F-059
ALTIMA  U13 93-97 2wd/ 4wd; P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm YS02-NS-01D-001 YS02-NS-01A-001 YS02-NS-02D-004 YS02-NS-02A-004 YS02-NS-03B-004 YS02-NS-03E-004 YS02-NS-06B-004 YS02-NS-04B-004 YS02-NS-04C-004 YS02-NS-05C-004 YS02-NS-07F-004 YS02-NS-08F-004
ALTIMA  L30 98-01 P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm YS02-NS-01D-022 YS02-NS-01A-022 YS02-NS-02D-032 YS02-NS-02A-032 YS02-NS-03B-032 YS02-NS-03E-032 YS02-NS-06B-032 YS02-NS-04B-032 YS02-NS-04C-032 YS02-NS-05C-032 YS02-NS-07F-032 YS02-NS-08F-032
ALTIMA  L31 02-06 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-033 YS02-NS-02A-033 YS02-NS-03B-033 YS02-NS-03E-033 YS02-NS-06B-033 YS02-NS-04B-033 YS02-NS-04C-033 YS02-NS-05C-033 YS02-NS-07F-033 YS02-NS-08F-033
ALTIMA  L32 07-12 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-034 YS02-NS-02A-034 YS02-NS-03B-034 YS02-NS-03E-034 YS02-NS-06B-034 YS02-NS-04B-034 YS02-NS-04C-034 YS02-NS-05C-034 YS02-NS-07F-034 YS02-NS-08F-034
BLUEBIRD SYLPHY  G11 06-12 china; P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm YS02-NS-01D-023 YS02-NS-01A-023 YS02-NS-02D-035 YS02-NS-02A-035 YS02-NS-03B-035 YS02-NS-03E-035 YS02-NS-06B-035 YS02-NS-04B-035 YS02-NS-04C-035 YS02-NS-05C-035 YS02-NS-07F-035 YS02-NS-08F-035
CEDRIC  Y32 91-95 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-060 YS02-NS-02A-060 YS02-NS-03B-060 YS02-NS-03E-060 YS02-NS-06B-060 YS02-NS-04B-060 YS02-NS-04C-060 YS02-NS-05C-060 YS02-NS-07F-060 YS02-NS-08F-060
CEDRIC  Y33 96-99 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-061 YS02-NS-02A-061 YS02-NS-03B-061 YS02-NS-03E-061 YS02-NS-06B-061 YS02-NS-04B-061 YS02-NS-04C-061 YS02-NS-05C-061 YS02-NS-07F-061 YS02-NS-08F-061
CEDRIC  Y34 00-04 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-062 YS02-NS-02A-062 YS02-NS-03B-062 YS02-NS-03E-062 YS02-NS-06B-062 YS02-NS-04B-062 YS02-NS-04C-062 YS02-NS-05C-062 YS02-NS-07F-062 YS02-NS-08F-062
CEFIRO  A32 95-98 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-005 YS02-NS-02A-005 YS02-NS-03B-005 YS02-NS-03E-005 YS02-NS-06B-005 YS02-NS-04B-005 YS02-NS-04C-005 YS02-NS-05C-005 YS02-NS-07F-005 YS02-NS-08F-005
CEFIRO  A33 99-03 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-006 YS02-NS-02A-006 YS02-NS-03B-006 YS02-NS-03E-006 YS02-NS-06B-006 YS02-NS-04B-006 YS02-NS-04C-006 YS02-NS-05C-006 YS02-NS-07F-006 YS02-NS-08F-006
CEFIRO  A34 04-08 N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-036 YS02-NS-02A-036 YS02-NS-03B-036 YS02-NS-03E-036 YS02-NS-06B-036 YS02-NS-04B-036 YS02-NS-04C-036 YS02-NS-05C-036 YS02-NS-07F-036 YS02-NS-08F-036
CIMA  Y32 91-96 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-037 YS02-NS-02A-037 YS02-NS-03B-037 YS02-NS-03E-037 YS02-NS-06B-037 YS02-NS-04B-037 YS02-NS-04C-037 YS02-NS-05C-037 YS02-NS-07F-037 YS02-NS-08F-037
CIMA  Y33 96-01 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-038 YS02-NS-02A-038 YS02-NS-03B-038 YS02-NS-03E-038 YS02-NS-06B-038 YS02-NS-04B-038 YS02-NS-04C-038 YS02-NS-05C-038 YS02-NS-07F-038 YS02-NS-08F-038
CIMA  F50 01-10 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-007 YS02-NS-02A-007 YS02-NS-03B-007 YS02-NS-03E-007 YS02-NS-06B-007 YS02-NS-04B-007 YS02-NS-04C-007 YS02-NS-05C-007 YS02-NS-07F-007 YS02-NS-08F-007
DUALIS   07-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-008 YS02-NS-02A-008 YS02-NS-03B-008 YS02-NS-03E-008 YS02-NS-06B-008 YS02-NS-04B-008 YS02-NS-04C-008 YS02-NS-05C-008 YS02-NS-07F-008 YS02-NS-08F-008
ELGRAND  E51 02-10 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-039 YS02-NS-02A-039 YS02-NS-03B-039 YS02-NS-03E-039 YS02-NS-06B-039 YS02-NS-04B-039 YS02-NS-04C-039 YS02-NS-05C-039 YS02-NS-07F-039 YS02-NS-08F-039
ELGRAND  E52 10-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-040 YS02-NS-02A-040 YS02-NS-03B-040 YS02-NS-03E-040 YS02-NS-06B-040 YS02-NS-04B-040 YS02-NS-04C-040 YS02-NS-05C-040 YS02-NS-07F-040 YS02-NS-08F-040
FAIRLADY Z  Z33 03-08 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-063 YS02-NS-02A-063 YS02-NS-03B-063 YS02-NS-03E-063 YS02-NS-06B-063 YS02-NS-04B-063 YS02-NS-04C-063 YS02-NS-05C-063 YS02-NS-07F-063 YS02-NS-08F-063
FUGA  Y50 04-09 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-064 YS02-NS-02A-064 YS02-NS-03B-064 YS02-NS-03E-064 YS02-NS-06B-064 YS02-NS-04B-064 YS02-NS-04C-064 YS02-NS-05C-064 YS02-NS-07F-064 YS02-NS-08F-064
FUGA  Y51 10-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-065 YS02-NS-02A-065 YS02-NS-03B-065 YS02-NS-03E-065 YS02-NS-06B-065 YS02-NS-04B-065 YS02-NS-04C-065 YS02-NS-05C-065 YS02-NS-07F-065 YS02-NS-08F-065
GLORIA  Y32 91-95 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-041 YS02-NS-02A-041 YS02-NS-03B-041 YS02-NS-03E-041 YS02-NS-06B-041 YS02-NS-04B-041 YS02-NS-04C-041 YS02-NS-05C-041 YS02-NS-07F-041 YS02-NS-08F-041
GLORIA  Y33 96-99 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-042 YS02-NS-02A-042 YS02-NS-03B-042 YS02-NS-03E-042 YS02-NS-06B-042 YS02-NS-04B-042 YS02-NS-04C-042 YS02-NS-05C-042 YS02-NS-07F-042 YS02-NS-08F-042
GLORIA  Y34 00-04 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-043 YS02-NS-02A-043 YS02-NS-03B-043 YS02-NS-03E-043 YS02-NS-06B-043 YS02-NS-04B-043 YS02-NS-04C-043 YS02-NS-05C-043 YS02-NS-07F-043 YS02-NS-08F-043
JUKE  F15 11-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-066 YS02-NS-02A-066 YS02-NS-03B-066 YS02-NS-03E-066 YS02-NS-06B-066 YS02-NS-04B-066 YS02-NS-04C-066 YS02-NS-05C-066 YS02-NS-07F-066 YS02-NS-08F-066
LAFESTA  B30 04-11 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-044 YS02-NS-02A-044 YS02-NS-03B-044 YS02-NS-03E-044 YS02-NS-06B-044 YS02-NS-04B-044 YS02-NS-04C-044 YS02-NS-05C-044 YS02-NS-07F-044 YS02-NS-08F-044
LIVINA   06-up P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm YS02-NS-01D-005 YS02-NS-01A-005 YS02-NS-02D-009 YS02-NS-02A-009 YS02-NS-03B-009 YS02-NS-03E-009 YS02-NS-06B-009 YS02-NS-04B-009 YS02-NS-04C-009 YS02-NS-05C-009 YS02-NS-07F-009 YS02-NS-08F-009
LIVINA   13-up P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm YS02-NS-01D-035 YS02-NS-01A-035 YS02-NS-02D-067 YS02-NS-02A-067 YS02-NS-03B-067 YS02-NS-03E-067 YS02-NS-06B-067 YS02-NS-04B-067 YS02-NS-04C-067 YS02-NS-05C-067 YS02-NS-07F-067 YS02-NS-08F-067
LIVINA X-Gear   08-up P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm YS02-NS-01D-036 YS02-NS-01A-036 YS02-NS-02D-068 YS02-NS-02A-068 YS02-NS-03B-068 YS02-NS-03E-068 YS02-NS-06B-068 YS02-NS-04B-068 YS02-NS-04C-068 YS02-NS-05C-068 YS02-NS-07F-068 YS02-NS-08F-068
MARCH  K11 92-03 Micra; P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-024 YS02-NS-01A-024 YS02-NS-02D-045 YS02-NS-02A-045 YS02-NS-03B-045 YS02-NS-03E-045 YS02-NS-06B-045 YS02-NS-04B-045 YS02-NS-04C-045 YS02-NS-05C-045 YS02-NS-07F-045 YS02-NS-08F-045
MARCH  K12 03-10 Micra; P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-025 YS02-NS-01A-025 YS02-NS-02D-046 YS02-NS-02A-046 YS02-NS-03B-046 YS02-NS-03E-046 YS02-NS-06B-046 YS02-NS-04B-046 YS02-NS-04C-046 YS02-NS-05C-046 YS02-NS-07F-046 YS02-NS-08F-046
MARCH  K12C 07-10 Micra; P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-037 YS02-NS-01A-037 YS02-NS-02D-069 YS02-NS-02A-069 YS02-NS-03B-069 YS02-NS-03E-069 YS02-NS-06B-069 YS02-NS-04B-069 YS02-NS-04C-069 YS02-NS-05C-069 YS02-NS-07F-069 YS02-NS-08F-069
MARCH  K13 11-up Micra; P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-038 YS02-NS-01A-038 YS02-NS-02D-070 YS02-NS-02A-070 YS02-NS-03B-070 YS02-NS-03E-070 YS02-NS-06B-070 YS02-NS-04B-070 YS02-NS-04C-070 YS02-NS-05C-070 YS02-NS-07F-070 YS02-NS-08F-070
MURANO   02-07 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-071 YS02-NS-02A-071 YS02-NS-03B-071 YS02-NS-03E-071 YS02-NS-06B-071 YS02-NS-04B-071 YS02-NS-04C-071 YS02-NS-05C-071 YS02-NS-07F-071 YS02-NS-08F-071
MURANO   09-14 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-072 YS02-NS-02A-072 YS02-NS-03B-072 YS02-NS-03E-072 YS02-NS-06B-072 YS02-NS-04B-072 YS02-NS-04C-072 YS02-NS-05C-072 YS02-NS-07F-072 YS02-NS-08F-072
PINO   07-10 P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-039 YS02-NS-01A-039 YS02-NS-02D-073 YS02-NS-02A-073 YS02-NS-03B-073 YS02-NS-03E-073 YS02-NS-06B-073 YS02-NS-04B-073 YS02-NS-04C-073 YS02-NS-05C-073 YS02-NS-07F-073 YS02-NS-08F-073
PRESAGE  U31 03-09 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-NS-03B-074 YS02-NS-03E-074 YS02-NS-06B-074 YS02-NS-04B-074 YS02-NS-04C-074 YS02-NS-05C-074 YS02-NS-07F-074 YS02-NS-08F-074
PRIMERA  P10 92-96 P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm YS02-NS-01D-006 YS02-NS-01A-006 YS02-NS-02D-010 YS02-NS-02A-010 YS02-NS-03B-010 YS02-NS-03E-010 YS02-NS-06B-010 YS02-NS-04B-010 YS02-NS-04C-010 YS02-NS-05C-010 YS02-NS-07F-010 YS02-NS-08F-010
PRIMERA  P11 96-02 UKDM; P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm YS02-NS-01D-007 YS02-NS-01A-007 YS02-NS-02D-011 YS02-NS-02A-011 YS02-NS-03B-011 YS02-NS-03E-011 YS02-NS-06B-011 YS02-NS-04B-011 YS02-NS-04C-011 YS02-NS-05C-011 YS02-NS-07F-011 YS02-NS-08F-011
PRIMERA  P11 97-00 GT YS02-NS-01D-008 YS02-NS-01A-008 YS02-NS-02D-012 YS02-NS-02A-012 YS02-NS-03B-012 YS02-NS-03E-012 YS02-NS-06B-012 YS02-NS-04B-012 YS02-NS-04C-012 YS02-NS-05C-012 YS02-NS-07F-012 YS02-NS-08F-012
PULSAR  N14 91-94 P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-026 YS02-NS-01A-026 YS02-NS-02D-047 YS02-NS-02A-047 YS02-NS-03B-047 YS02-NS-03E-047 YS02-NS-06B-047 YS02-NS-04B-047 YS02-NS-04C-047 YS02-NS-05C-047 YS02-NS-07F-047 YS02-NS-08F-047
PULSAR  N15 95-00 P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-027 YS02-NS-01A-027 YS02-NS-02D-048 YS02-NS-02A-048 YS02-NS-03B-048 YS02-NS-03E-048 YS02-NS-06B-048 YS02-NS-04B-048 YS02-NS-04C-048 YS02-NS-05C-048 YS02-NS-07F-048 YS02-NS-08F-048
PULSAR   13-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-074 YS02-NS-02A-074 YS02-NS-03B-075 YS02-NS-03E-075 YS02-NS-06B-075 YS02-NS-04B-075 YS02-NS-04C-075 YS02-NS-05C-075 YS02-NS-07F-075 YS02-NS-08F-075
PULSAR GTI-R   91-94 P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-040 YS02-NS-01A-040 YS02-NS-02D-075 YS02-NS-02A-075 YS02-NS-03B-076 YS02-NS-03E-076 YS02-NS-06B-076 YS02-NS-04B-076 YS02-NS-04C-076 YS02-NS-05C-076 YS02-NS-07F-076 YS02-NS-08F-076
QASHQAI  J10 07-13 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-076 YS02-NS-02A-076 YS02-NS-03B-077 YS02-NS-03E-077 YS02-NS-06B-077 YS02-NS-04B-077 YS02-NS-04C-077 YS02-NS-05C-077 YS02-NS-07F-077 YS02-NS-08F-077
QASHQAI  J11 14-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-077 YS02-NS-02A-077 YS02-NS-03B-078 YS02-NS-03E-078 YS02-NS-06B-078 YS02-NS-04B-078 YS02-NS-04C-078 YS02-NS-05C-078 YS02-NS-07F-078 YS02-NS-08F-078
QUEST   04-09 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-078 YS02-NS-02A-078 YS02-NS-03B-079 YS02-NS-03E-079 YS02-NS-06B-079 YS02-NS-04B-079 YS02-NS-04C-079 YS02-NS-05C-079 YS02-NS-07F-079 YS02-NS-08F-079
QUEST   10-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-079 YS02-NS-02A-079 YS02-NS-03B-080 YS02-NS-03E-080 YS02-NS-06B-080 YS02-NS-04B-080 YS02-NS-04C-080 YS02-NS-05C-080 YS02-NS-07F-080 YS02-NS-08F-080
ROGUE   07-13 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-049 YS02-NS-02A-049 YS02-NS-03B-049 YS02-NS-03E-049 YS02-NS-06B-049 YS02-NS-04B-049 YS02-NS-04C-049 YS02-NS-05C-049 YS02-NS-07F-049 YS02-NS-08F-049
ROGUE   14-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-080 YS02-NS-02A-080 YS02-NS-03B-081 YS02-NS-03E-081 YS02-NS-06B-081 YS02-NS-04B-081 YS02-NS-04C-081 YS02-NS-05C-081 YS02-NS-07F-081 YS02-NS-08F-081
SENTRA  B13 90-94 P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-029 YS02-NS-01A-029 YS02-NS-02D-050 YS02-NS-02A-050 YS02-NS-03B-050 YS02-NS-03E-050 YS02-NS-06B-050 YS02-NS-04B-050 YS02-NS-04C-050 YS02-NS-05C-050 YS02-NS-07F-050 YS02-NS-08F-050
SENTRA  B14 95-99 P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-030 YS02-NS-01A-030 YS02-NS-02D-051 YS02-NS-02A-051 YS02-NS-03B-051 YS02-NS-03E-051 YS02-NS-06B-051 YS02-NS-04B-051 YS02-NS-04C-051 YS02-NS-05C-051 YS02-NS-07F-051 YS02-NS-08F-051
SENTRA  N16 00-05 SUNNY; P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm YS02-NS-01D-010 YS02-NS-01A-010 YS02-NS-02D-014 YS02-NS-02A-014 YS02-NS-03B-014 YS02-NS-03E-014 YS02-NS-06B-014 YS02-NS-04B-014 YS02-NS-04C-014 YS02-NS-05C-014 YS02-NS-07F-014 YS02-NS-08F-014
SENTRA  B15 00-06 P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm YS02-NS-01D-009 YS02-NS-01A-009 YS02-NS-02D-013 YS02-NS-02A-013 YS02-NS-03B-013 YS02-NS-03E-013 YS02-NS-06B-013 YS02-NS-04B-013 YS02-NS-04C-013 YS02-NS-05C-013 YS02-NS-07F-013 YS02-NS-08F-013
SENTRA  B16 07-12 P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-041 YS02-NS-01A-041 YS02-NS-02D-081 YS02-NS-02A-081 YS02-NS-03B-082 YS02-NS-03E-082 YS02-NS-06B-082 YS02-NS-04B-082 YS02-NS-04C-082 YS02-NS-05C-082 YS02-NS-07F-082 YS02-NS-08F-082
SENTRA  B16 07-12 P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-082 YS02-NS-02A-082 YS02-NS-03B-083 YS02-NS-03E-083 YS02-NS-06B-083 YS02-NS-04B-083 YS02-NS-04C-083 YS02-NS-05C-083 YS02-NS-07F-083 YS02-NS-08F-083
SENTRA  B17 13-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-083 YS02-NS-02A-083 YS02-NS-03B-084 YS02-NS-03E-084 YS02-NS-06B-084 YS02-NS-04B-084 YS02-NS-04C-084 YS02-NS-05C-084 YS02-NS-07F-084 YS02-NS-08F-084
SENTRA 200   07-12 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-084 YS02-NS-02A-084 YS02-NS-03B-085 YS02-NS-03E-085 YS02-NS-06B-085 YS02-NS-04B-085 YS02-NS-04C-085 YS02-NS-05C-085 YS02-NS-07F-085 YS02-NS-08F-085
SERENA  C24 02-12 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-085 YS02-NS-02A-085 YS02-NS-03B-086 YS02-NS-03E-086 YS02-NS-06B-086 YS02-NS-04B-086 YS02-NS-04C-086 YS02-NS-05C-086 YS02-NS-07F-086 YS02-NS-08F-086
SERENA  C25 05-10 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-086 YS02-NS-02A-086 YS02-NS-03B-087 YS02-NS-03E-087 YS02-NS-06B-087 YS02-NS-04B-087 YS02-NS-04C-087 YS02-NS-05C-087 YS02-NS-07F-087 YS02-NS-08F-087
SERENA  C26 10-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-087 YS02-NS-02A-087 YS02-NS-03B-088 YS02-NS-03E-088 YS02-NS-06B-088 YS02-NS-04B-088 YS02-NS-04C-088 YS02-NS-05C-088 YS02-NS-07F-088 YS02-NS-08F-088
SILVIA  S13 89-94 P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-015 YS02-NS-02A-015 YS02-NS-03B-015 YS02-NS-03E-015 YS02-NS-06B-015 YS02-NS-04B-015 YS02-NS-04C-015 YS02-NS-05C-015 YS02-NS-07F-015 YS02-NS-08F-015
SILVIA  S13 89-94 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-016 YS02-NS-02A-016 YS02-NS-03B-016 YS02-NS-03E-016 YS02-NS-06B-016 YS02-NS-04B-016 YS02-NS-04C-016 YS02-NS-05C-016 YS02-NS-07F-016 YS02-NS-08F-016
SILVIA  S14 95-98 P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-017 YS02-NS-02A-017 YS02-NS-03B-017 YS02-NS-03E-017 YS02-NS-06B-017 YS02-NS-04B-017 YS02-NS-04C-017 YS02-NS-05C-017 YS02-NS-07F-017 YS02-NS-08F-017
SILVIA  S14 95-98 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-018 YS02-NS-02A-018 YS02-NS-03B-018 YS02-NS-03E-018 YS02-NS-06B-018 YS02-NS-04B-018 YS02-NS-04C-018 YS02-NS-05C-018 YS02-NS-07F-018 YS02-NS-08F-018
SILVIA  S15 98-00 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-019 YS02-NS-02A-019 YS02-NS-03B-019 YS02-NS-03E-019 YS02-NS-06B-019 YS02-NS-04B-019 YS02-NS-04C-019 YS02-NS-05C-019 YS02-NS-07F-019 YS02-NS-08F-019
SKYLINE  R32 89-94 NA; P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-020 YS02-NS-02A-020 YS02-NS-03B-020 YS02-NS-03E-020 YS02-NS-06B-020 YS02-NS-04B-020 YS02-NS-04C-020 YS02-NS-05C-020 YS02-NS-07F-020 YS02-NS-08F-020
SKYLINE GTS  R32 89-94 2wd; P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-021 YS02-NS-02A-021 YS02-NS-03B-021 YS02-NS-03E-021 YS02-NS-06B-021 YS02-NS-04B-021 YS02-NS-04C-021 YS02-NS-05C-021 YS02-NS-07F-021 YS02-NS-08F-021
SKYLINE GT-R  BNR32 89-94 4wd; P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-022 YS02-NS-02A-022 YS02-NS-03B-022 YS02-NS-03E-022 YS02-NS-06B-022 YS02-NS-04B-022 YS02-NS-04C-022 YS02-NS-05C-022 YS02-NS-07F-022 YS02-NS-08F-022
SKYLINE  R33 95-96 NA; P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-023 YS02-NS-02A-023 YS02-NS-03B-023 YS02-NS-03E-023 YS02-NS-06B-023 YS02-NS-04B-023 YS02-NS-04C-023 YS02-NS-05C-023 YS02-NS-07F-023 YS02-NS-08F-023
SKYLINE GTS  R33 95-98 2wd; P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-024 YS02-NS-02A-024 YS02-NS-03B-024 YS02-NS-03E-024 YS02-NS-06B-024 YS02-NS-04B-024 YS02-NS-04C-024 YS02-NS-05C-024 YS02-NS-07F-024 YS02-NS-08F-024
SKYLINE GT-R  BCNR33 95-98 4wd; P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-025 YS02-NS-02A-025 YS02-NS-03B-025 YS02-NS-03E-025 YS02-NS-06B-025 YS02-NS-04B-025 YS02-NS-04C-025 YS02-NS-05C-025 YS02-NS-07F-025 YS02-NS-08F-025
SKYLINE  R34 99-02 2wd; P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-026 YS02-NS-02A-026 YS02-NS-03B-026 YS02-NS-03E-026 YS02-NS-06B-026 YS02-NS-04B-026 YS02-NS-04C-026 YS02-NS-05C-026 YS02-NS-07F-026 YS02-NS-08F-026
SKYLINE  R34 99-02 4wd; P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-054 YS02-NS-02A-054 YS02-NS-03B-054 YS02-NS-03E-054 YS02-NS-06B-054 YS02-NS-04B-054 YS02-NS-04C-054 YS02-NS-05C-054 YS02-NS-07F-054 YS02-NS-08F-054
SKYLINE  CV35 01-07 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-055 YS02-NS-02A-055 YS02-NS-03B-055 YS02-NS-03E-055 YS02-NS-06B-055 YS02-NS-04B-055 YS02-NS-04C-055 YS02-NS-05C-055 YS02-NS-07F-055 YS02-NS-08F-055
SKYLINE  V35 01-06 2dr/4dr; P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-028 YS02-NS-02A-028 YS02-NS-03B-028 YS02-NS-03E-028 YS02-NS-06B-028 YS02-NS-04B-028 YS02-NS-04C-028 YS02-NS-05C-028 YS02-NS-07F-028 YS02-NS-08F-028
SKYLINE  V36 06-14 2dr/4dr; P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-028-1 YS02-NS-02A-028-1 YS02-NS-03B-028-1 YS02-NS-03E-028-1 YS02-NS-06B-028-1 YS02-NS-04B-028-1 YS02-NS-04C-028-1 YS02-NS-05C-028-1 YS02-NS-07F-028-1 YS02-NS-08F-028-1
SKYLINE  HV37 14-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-088 YS02-NS-02A-088 YS02-NS-03B-089 YS02-NS-03E-089 YS02-NS-06B-089 YS02-NS-04B-089 YS02-NS-04C-089 YS02-NS-05C-089 YS02-NS-07F-089 YS02-NS-08F-089
STAGEA  M35 01-07 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-028-2 YS02-NS-02A-028-2 YS02-NS-03B-028-2 YS02-NS-03E-028-2 YS02-NS-06B-028-2 YS02-NS-04B-028-2 YS02-NS-04C-028-2 YS02-NS-05C-028-2 YS02-NS-07F-028-2 YS02-NS-08F-028-2
SUNNY   90-95 European Spec; P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-033 YS02-NS-01A-033 YS02-NS-02D-056 YS02-NS-02A-056 YS02-NS-03B-056 YS02-NS-03E-056 YS02-NS-06B-056 YS02-NS-04B-056 YS02-NS-04C-056 YS02-NS-05C-056 YS02-NS-07F-056 YS02-NS-08F-056
SYLPHY   12-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-089 YS02-NS-02A-089 YS02-NS-03B-090 YS02-NS-03E-090 YS02-NS-06B-090 YS02-NS-04B-090 YS02-NS-04C-090 YS02-NS-05C-090 YS02-NS-07F-090 YS02-NS-08F-090
TEANA  J31 03-08 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-029 YS02-NS-02A-029 YS02-NS-03B-029 YS02-NS-03E-029 YS02-NS-06B-029 YS02-NS-04B-029 YS02-NS-04C-029 YS02-NS-05C-029 YS02-NS-07F-029 YS02-NS-08F-029
TEANA  J32 09-13 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-052 YS02-NS-02A-052 YS02-NS-03B-052 YS02-NS-03E-052 YS02-NS-06B-052 YS02-NS-04B-052 YS02-NS-04C-052 YS02-NS-05C-052 YS02-NS-07F-052 YS02-NS-08F-052
TEANA  L33 13-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-090 YS02-NS-02A-090 YS02-NS-03B-091 YS02-NS-03E-091 YS02-NS-06B-091 YS02-NS-04B-091 YS02-NS-04C-091 YS02-NS-05C-091 YS02-NS-07F-091 YS02-NS-08F-091
TIIDA  C11X 04-12 Japan Spec; P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-042 YS02-NS-01A-042 YS02-NS-02D-091 YS02-NS-02A-091 YS02-NS-03B-092 YS02-NS-03E-092 YS02-NS-06B-092 YS02-NS-04B-092 YS02-NS-04C-092 YS02-NS-05C-092 YS02-NS-07F-092 YS02-NS-08F-092
TIIDA  C11 06-10 P.C.D 4 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-030 YS02-NS-02A-030 YS02-NS-03B-030 YS02-NS-03E-030 YS02-NS-06B-030 YS02-NS-04B-030 YS02-NS-04C-030 YS02-NS-05C-030 YS02-NS-07F-030 YS02-NS-08F-030
TIIDA  SC11X 07-up Japan Spec; P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-043 YS02-NS-01A-043 YS02-NS-02D-093 YS02-NS-02A-093 YS02-NS-03B-094 YS02-NS-03E-094 YS02-NS-06B-094 YS02-NS-04B-094 YS02-NS-04C-094 YS02-NS-05C-094 YS02-NS-07F-094 YS02-NS-08F-094
TIIDA  C12 11-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-092 YS02-NS-02A-092 YS02-NS-03B-093 YS02-NS-03E-093 YS02-NS-06B-093 YS02-NS-04B-093 YS02-NS-04C-093 YS02-NS-05C-093 YS02-NS-07F-093 YS02-NS-08F-093
TIIDA  C13 15-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-094 YS02-NS-02A-094 YS02-NS-03B-095 YS02-NS-03E-095 YS02-NS-06B-095 YS02-NS-04B-095 YS02-NS-04C-095 YS02-NS-05C-095 YS02-NS-07F-095 YS02-NS-08F-095
VERSA   11-up P.C.D 4 * 100mm YS02-NS-01D-032 YS02-NS-01A-032 YS02-NS-02D-053 YS02-NS-02A-053 YS02-NS-03B-053 YS02-NS-03E-053 YS02-NS-06B-053 YS02-NS-04B-053 YS02-NS-04C-053 YS02-NS-05C-053 YS02-NS-07F-053 YS02-NS-08F-053
X-TRAIL   01-07 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-031 YS02-NS-02A-031 YS02-NS-03B-031 YS02-NS-03E-031 YS02-NS-06B-031 YS02-NS-04B-031 YS02-NS-04C-031 YS02-NS-05C-031 YS02-NS-07F-031 YS02-NS-08F-031
X-TRAIL   08-13 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-095 YS02-NS-02A-095 YS02-NS-03B-096 YS02-NS-03E-096 YS02-NS-06B-096 YS02-NS-04B-096 YS02-NS-04C-096 YS02-NS-05C-096 YS02-NS-07F-096 YS02-NS-08F-096
X-TRAIL   13-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-NS-02D-096 YS02-NS-02A-096 YS02-NS-03B-097 YS02-NS-03E-097 YS02-NS-06B-097 YS02-NS-04B-097 YS02-NS-04C-097 YS02-NS-05C-097 YS02-NS-07F-097 YS02-NS-08F-097
The chassis, construction years, and specifications may not be identical for the same model in different countries. If you are not sure what model to order, please check with us before purchasing. Yellow Speed will not take any responsibility for the wrong kit customers purchase.
If you can not make sure that the brake kit you would like to purchase will fit your vehicle, please ask for the WHEEL FITMENT TEMPLATE before purchasing. If there is interference between the caliper and the wheel, different wheels or a wheel spacer will be necessary.
Please note space for the calipers depends on the wheel design; therefore, a wheel spacer or different wheel design is required if interference occurs.
All applications listed here are only available for 2wd model unless specified otherwise in the listing.