Model Body Style Year Note Part No.
286mm x 26mm disc 304mm x 26mm disc 330mm x 32mm disc 345mm x 32mm disc 356mm x 32mm disc 380mm x 32mm disc 380mm x 34mm disc 405mm x 36mm disc
CT200h   11-up incl. F Sport; P.C.D 5 * 100mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-022 YS02-LX-02A-022 YS02-LX-03B-028 YS02-LX-03E-028 YS02-LX-06B-031 YS02-LX-04B-032 YS02-LX-04C-032 YS02-LX-05C-032 YS02-LX-07F-032 YS02-LX-08F-032
ES240  ACV40 09-12 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-023 YS02-LX-02A-023 YS02-LX-03B-029 YS02-LX-03E-029 YS02-LX-06B-032 YS02-LX-04B-033 YS02-LX-04C-033 YS02-LX-05C-033 YS02-LX-07F-033 YS02-LX-08F-033
ES250  ASV60 13-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-024 YS02-LX-02A-024 YS02-LX-03B-030 YS02-LX-03E-030 YS02-LX-06B-033 YS02-LX-04B-034 YS02-LX-04C-034 YS02-LX-05C-034 YS02-LX-07F-034 YS02-LX-08F-034
ES300  VCV10 92-97 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-001 YS02-LX-02A-001 YS02-LX-03B-001 YS02-LX-03E-001 YS02-LX-06B-001 YS02-LX-04B-001 YS02-LX-04C-001 YS02-LX-05C-001 YS02-LX-07F-001 YS02-LX-08F-001
ES300  MCV20 98-01 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-002 YS02-LX-02A-002 YS02-LX-03B-002 YS02-LX-03E-002 YS02-LX-06B-002 YS02-LX-04B-002 YS02-LX-04C-002 YS02-LX-05C-002 YS02-LX-07F-002 YS02-LX-08F-002
ES300  MCV30 02-06 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-026 YS02-LX-02A-026 YS02-LX-03B-032 YS02-LX-03E-032 YS02-LX-06B-035 YS02-LX-04B-036 YS02-LX-04C-036 YS02-LX-05C-036 YS02-LX-07F-036 YS02-LX-08F-036
ES300  GSV40 07-12 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-025 YS02-LX-02A-025 YS02-LX-03B-031 YS02-LX-03E-031 YS02-LX-06B-034 YS02-LX-04B-035 YS02-LX-04C-035 YS02-LX-05C-035 YS02-LX-07F-035 YS02-LX-08F-035
ES300h  AVV60 13-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-027 YS02-LX-02A-027 YS02-LX-03B-033 YS02-LX-03E-033 YS02-LX-06B-036 YS02-LX-04B-037 YS02-LX-04C-037 YS02-LX-05C-037 YS02-LX-07F-037 YS02-LX-08F-037
ES330  MCV31 02-07 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-003 YS02-LX-02A-003 YS02-LX-03B-003 YS02-LX-03E-003 YS02-LX-06B-003 YS02-LX-04B-003 YS02-LX-04C-003 YS02-LX-05C-003 YS02-LX-07F-003 YS02-LX-08F-003
ES350  GSV40 08-12 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-004 YS02-LX-02A-004 YS02-LX-03B-004 YS02-LX-03E-004 YS02-LX-06B-004 YS02-LX-04B-004 YS02-LX-04C-004 YS02-LX-05C-004 YS02-LX-07F-004 YS02-LX-08F-004
ES350  GSV60 13-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-028 YS02-LX-02A-028 YS02-LX-03B-034 YS02-LX-03E-034 YS02-LX-06B-037 YS02-LX-04B-038 YS02-LX-04C-038 YS02-LX-05C-038 YS02-LX-07F-038 YS02-LX-08F-038
GS300  JZS147 93-97 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-005 YS02-LX-02A-005 YS02-LX-03B-005 YS02-LX-03E-005 YS02-LX-06B-005 YS02-LX-04B-005 YS02-LX-04C-005 YS02-LX-05C-005 YS02-LX-07F-005 YS02-LX-08F-005
GS300   JZS161 98-05 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-006 YS02-LX-02A-006 YS02-LX-03B-006 YS02-LX-03E-006 YS02-LX-06B-006 YS02-LX-04B-006 YS02-LX-04C-006 YS02-LX-05C-006 YS02-LX-07F-006 YS02-LX-08F-006
GS300  GRS190 06-12 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-020 YS02-LX-03E-020 YS02-LX-06B-020 YS02-LX-04B-020 YS02-LX-04C-020 YS02-LX-05C-020 YS02-LX-07F-020 YS02-LX-08F-020
GS350  GRS191 06-11 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-021 YS02-LX-03E-021 YS02-LX-06B-021 YS02-LX-04B-021 YS02-LX-04C-021 YS02-LX-05C-021 YS02-LX-07F-021 YS02-LX-08F-021
GS350  GRL10/GRL11 13-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-007 YS02-LX-03E-007 YS02-LX-06B-007 YS02-LX-04B-007 YS02-LX-04C-007 YS02-LX-05C-007 YS02-LX-07F-007 YS02-LX-08F-007
GS400  UZS160 98-00 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-007 YS02-LX-02A-007 YS02-LX-03B-008 YS02-LX-03E-008 YS02-LX-06B-008 YS02-LX-04B-008 YS02-LX-04C-008 YS02-LX-05C-008 YS02-LX-07F-008 YS02-LX-08F-008
GS430  UZS161 01-05 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-008 YS02-LX-02A-008 YS02-LX-03B-009 YS02-LX-03E-009 YS02-LX-06B-009 YS02-LX-04B-009 YS02-LX-04C-009 YS02-LX-05C-009 YS02-LX-07F-009 YS02-LX-08F-009
GS430  UZS190/UZS191 06-11 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-036 YS02-LX-03E-036 YS02-LX-06B-039 YS02-LX-04B-040 YS02-LX-04C-040 YS02-LX-05C-040 YS02-LX-07F-040 YS02-LX-08F-040
GS450h  GWS191 07-12 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-038 YS02-LX-03E-038 YS02-LX-06B-041 YS02-LX-04B-042 YS02-LX-04C-042 YS02-LX-05C-042 YS02-LX-07F-042 YS02-LX-08F-042
GS450h  GWL10 13-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-039 YS02-LX-03E-039 YS02-LX-06B-042 YS02-LX-04B-043 YS02-LX-04C-043 YS02-LX-05C-043 YS02-LX-07F-043 YS02-LX-08F-043
GS460  URS190 08-12 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-040 YS02-LX-03E-040 YS02-LX-06B-043 YS02-LX-04B-044 YS02-LX-04C-044 YS02-LX-05C-044 YS02-LX-07F-044 YS02-LX-08F-044
IS200  GXE10 99-05 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-009 YS02-LX-02A-009 YS02-LX-03B-010 YS02-LX-03E-010 YS02-LX-06B-010 YS02-LX-04B-010 YS02-LX-04C-010 YS02-LX-05C-010 YS02-LX-07F-010 YS02-LX-08F-010
IS200t  ASE30 15-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-041 YS02-LX-03E-041 YS02-LX-06B-044 YS02-LX-04B-045 YS02-LX-04C-045 YS02-LX-05C-045 YS02-LX-07F-045 YS02-LX-08F-045
IS220d  ALE20 06-12 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-022 YS02-LX-03E-022 YS02-LX-06B-022 YS02-LX-04B-022 YS02-LX-04C-022 YS02-LX-05C-022 YS02-LX-07F-022 YS02-LX-08F-022
IS250  GSE20/GSE25 06-12 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-011 YS02-LX-03E-011 YS02-LX-06B-011 YS02-LX-04B-011 YS02-LX-04C-011 YS02-LX-05C-011 YS02-LX-07F-011 YS02-LX-08F-011
IS250  AVE30/GSE30/GSE35 13-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-043 YS02-LX-03E-043 YS02-LX-06B-046 YS02-LX-04B-047 YS02-LX-04C-047 YS02-LX-05C-047 YS02-LX-07F-047 YS02-LX-08F-047
IS300  JCE10 00-05 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-010 YS02-LX-02A-010 YS02-LX-03B-012 YS02-LX-03E-012 YS02-LX-06B-012 YS02-LX-04B-012 YS02-LX-04C-012 YS02-LX-05C-012 YS02-LX-07F-012 YS02-LX-08F-012
IS300  GSE22 07-13 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-046 YS02-LX-03E-046 YS02-LX-06B-049 YS02-LX-04B-050 YS02-LX-04C-050 YS02-LX-05C-050 YS02-LX-07F-050 YS02-LX-08F-050
IS300  GSE37 15-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-047 YS02-LX-03E-047 YS02-LX-06B-050 YS02-LX-04B-051 YS02-LX-04C-051 YS02-LX-05C-051 YS02-LX-07F-051 YS02-LX-08F-051
IS300h  AVE30 13-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-048 YS02-LX-03E-048 YS02-LX-06B-051 YS02-LX-04B-052 YS02-LX-04C-052 YS02-LX-05C-052 YS02-LX-07F-052 YS02-LX-08F-052
IS350  GSE21/GSE26 06-13 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-013 YS02-LX-03E-013 YS02-LX-06B-013 YS02-LX-04B-013 YS02-LX-04C-013 YS02-LX-05C-013 YS02-LX-07F-013 YS02-LX-08F-013
IS350   13-up incl. F Sport; P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-051 YS02-LX-03E-051 YS02-LX-06B-054 YS02-LX-04B-055 YS02-LX-04C-055 YS02-LX-05C-055 YS02-LX-07F-055 YS02-LX-08F-055
IS F  USE20 07-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-053 YS02-LX-03E-053 YS02-LX-06B-056 YS02-LX-04B-061 YS02-LX-04C-061 YS02-LX-05C-061 YS02-LX-07F-061 YS02-LX-08F-061
LS400  UCF10/UCF11 89-94 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-032 YS02-LX-02A-032 YS02-LX-03B-014 YS02-LX-03E-014 YS02-LX-06B-014 YS02-LX-04B-014 YS02-LX-04C-014 YS02-LX-05C-014 YS02-LX-07F-014 YS02-LX-08F-014
LS400  UCF20 95-00 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-012 YS02-LX-02A-012 YS02-LX-03B-015 YS02-LX-03E-015 YS02-LX-06B-015 YS02-LX-04B-015 YS02-LX-04C-015 YS02-LX-05C-015 YS02-LX-07F-015 YS02-LX-08F-015
LS430  UCF30 01-06 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-05C-016 YS02-LX-07F-016 YS02-LX-08F-016
LS460  UCF40 07-09 P.C.D 5 * 120mm N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-04B-024 YS02-LX-04C-024 YS02-LX-05C-024 YS02-LX-07F-024 YS02-LX-08F-024
LS600  XF40 08-up N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-06B-025 YS02-LX-04B-025 YS02-LX-04C-025 YS02-LX-05C-025 YS02-LX-07F-025 YS02-LX-08F-025
LS600h  UVF45 08-up P.C.D 5 * 120mm N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-04B-057 YS02-LX-04C-057 YS02-LX-05C-057 YS02-LX-07F-057 YS02-LX-08F-057
LX470  UZJ100 00-07 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-04B-026 YS02-LX-04C-026 YS02-LX-05C-026 YS02-LX-07F-026 YS02-LX-08F-026
LX570  URJ200 08-12 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-04B-027 YS02-LX-04C-027 YS02-LX-05C-027 YS02-LX-07F-027 YS02-LX-08F-027
NX200t   15-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-054 YS02-LX-03E-054 YS02-LX-06B-057 YS02-LX-04B-062 YS02-LX-04C-062 YS02-LX-05C-062 YS02-LX-07F-062 YS02-LX-08F-062
NX300h   15-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-055 YS02-LX-03E-055 YS02-LX-06B-058 YS02-LX-04B-063 YS02-LX-04C-063 YS02-LX-05C-063 YS02-LX-07F-063 YS02-LX-08F-063
RC350   14-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A N/A N/A YS02-LX-03B-057 YS02-LX-03E-057 YS02-LX-06B-060 YS02-LX-04B-064 YS02-LX-04C-064 YS02-LX-05C-064 YS02-LX-07F-064 YS02-LX-08F-064
RX270  AGL10 09-up P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-029 YS02-LX-02A-029 YS02-LX-03B-050 YS02-LX-03E-050 YS02-LX-06B-053 YS02-LX-04B-058 YS02-LX-04C-058 YS02-LX-05C-058 YS02-LX-07F-058 YS02-LX-08F-058
RX300  XU10 98-03 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-013 YS02-LX-02A-013 YS02-LX-03B-024 YS02-LX-03E-024 YS02-LX-06B-027 YS02-LX-04B-028 YS02-LX-04C-028 YS02-LX-05C-028 YS02-LX-07F-028 YS02-LX-08F-028
RX300  XU30 03-06 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-014 YS02-LX-02A-014 YS02-LX-03B-016-1 YS02-LX-03E-016-1 YS02-LX-06B-016-1 YS02-LX-04B-016-1 YS02-LX-04C-016-1 YS02-LX-05C-016-1 YS02-LX-07F-016-1 YS02-LX-08F-016-1
RX330  MCV33 06-09 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-030 YS02-LX-02A-030 YS02-LX-03B-056 YS02-LX-03E-056 YS02-LX-06B-059 YS02-LX-04B-059 YS02-LX-04C-059 YS02-LX-05C-059 YS02-LX-07F-059 YS02-LX-08F-059
RX350  MCU35 07-09 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-015 YS02-LX-02A-015 YS02-LX-03B-016-2 YS02-LX-03E-016-2 YS02-LX-06B-016-2 YS02-LX-04B-016-2 YS02-LX-04C-016-2 YS02-LX-05C-016-2 YS02-LX-07F-016-2 YS02-LX-08F-016-2
RX350  GGL10 09-15 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-031 YS02-LX-02A-031 YS02-LX-03B-052 YS02-LX-03E-052 YS02-LX-06B-055 YS02-LX-04B-060 YS02-LX-04C-060 YS02-LX-05C-060 YS02-LX-07F-060 YS02-LX-08F-060
RX400  XU30 06-09 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-016 YS02-LX-02A-016 YS02-LX-03B-025 YS02-LX-03E-025 YS02-LX-06B-028 YS02-LX-04B-029 YS02-LX-04C-029 YS02-LX-05C-029 YS02-LX-07F-029 YS02-LX-08F-029
RX450  AL10 09-15 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-017 YS02-LX-02A-017 YS02-LX-03B-026 YS02-LX-03E-026 YS02-LX-06B-029 YS02-LX-04B-030 YS02-LX-04C-030 YS02-LX-05C-030 YS02-LX-07F-030 YS02-LX-08F-030
SC300  UZZ31 92-00 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-018 YS02-LX-02A-018 YS02-LX-03B-017 YS02-LX-03E-017 YS02-LX-06B-017 YS02-LX-04B-017 YS02-LX-04C-017 YS02-LX-05C-017 YS02-LX-07F-017 YS02-LX-08F-017
SC400  UZZ31 92-00 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-019 YS02-LX-02A-019 YS02-LX-03B-018 YS02-LX-03E-018 YS02-LX-06B-018 YS02-LX-04B-018 YS02-LX-04C-018 YS02-LX-05C-018 YS02-LX-07F-018 YS02-LX-08F-018
SC430  UZZ40 01-09 P.C.D 5 * 114.3mm N/A N/A YS02-LX-02D-020 YS02-LX-02A-020 YS02-LX-03B-019 YS02-LX-03E-019 YS02-LX-06B-019 YS02-LX-04B-019 YS02-LX-04C-019 YS02-LX-05C-019 YS02-LX-07F-019 YS02-LX-08F-019
The chassis, construction years, and specifications may not be identical for the same model in different countries. If you are not sure what model to order, please check with us before purchasing. Yellow Speed will not take any responsibility for the wrong kit customers purchase.
If you can not make sure that the brake kit you would like to purchase will fit your vehicle, please ask for the WHEEL FITMENT TEMPLATE before purchasing. If there is interference between the caliper and the wheel, different wheels or a wheel spacer will be necessary.
Please note space for the calipers depends on the wheel design; therefore, a wheel spacer or different wheel design is required if interference occurs.
All applications listed here are only available for 2wd model unless specified otherwise in the listing.